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Welcome to Bread & Spoon. Hope you came hungry!

Bread & Spoon is dedicated to bringing you delicious, seasonal meals made from the staggering array of fresh products we obtain from local, sustainable farms, all within 100 miles of Jersey City and NYC, and we’re dedicated to sharing them with folks in Hudson County and the five boroughs.

At Bread & Spoon, we understand that people want to eat food that tastes good — and to us, “good” doesn’t mean mac’n’cheese out of a box, covered with bright orange powder masquerading as cheddar. If you want macaroni and cheese — we’ll make it for you (or teach you how!), with real ingredients: farm-fresh milk, cheese, butter, whole wheat organic pasta and homemade breadcrumbs.

Here are just some of the delicious things we can do for you:

Meals for Home

We know how hard it is to get a tasty, healthful meal on the table at the end of a long day. Bread & Spoon can help — with meal planning, shopping and prepping for families and working professionals. We know where to get the good stuff and can help keep your kitchen stocked with quick and healthy meals.

Meals for Event

Appetizers for 50? Three-course meal for 8? Bread & Spoon can prepare delicious, beautiful bites and meals, ready to heat and serve to your guests, whether you want a sumptuous feast for a milestone birthday dinner or sophisticated bites for a cocktail party.

Specialty Sweets

You can’t forget dessert! “Going organic” and eating locally doesn't mean you have to deprive yourself of the sweeter things in life! At Bread & Spoon, we start with all-organic ingredients, but tailor them to your specific needs. Our cookies, cakes, scones, breads and pies can be made sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan or egg-free!

Classes & Training

Ready to let your inner chef out and get busy in the kitchen? Or maybe you're just curious about where and how we here at Bread & Spoon get our inspiration, and most importantly, our ingredients. Come explore with us — we provide cooking classes for couples and small groups, as well as green market and specialty/artisnal food tours, to introduce you to the very exciting, vibrant and varied “locavore” food movement taking place in and around NYC and Jersey City!

About Bread & Spoon

Cooking and consuming real, whole, seasonal ingredients allows both the chef and diners to consume mindfully. If the idea that preparing beautiful, thoughtful, professional-looking meals seems somewhat daunting, you're not alone! My training is hands-on, in my kitchen and garden, without formal schooling. Inspiration is everywhere you look, and hard work at the stove pays off. You can learn and be inspired as well - all you need is an open mind, quality, fresh ingredients, a sense of adventure and the willingness to try a new approach to making good food. I welcome you to our table. Let's eat!

Portrait of Colleen Christi

Colleen Christi

I am the star of my own kitchen, a place of great culinary successes, experiments and failures. I love passing along recipes. Food connects us to each other in the most basic way - sustenance and community.

I think that cooking and eating healthfully should be fun, delicious, interesting and most importantly, shared. Sourcing, preparing and discovering the components that go into each meal allows us to be more in touch with the flavors, aromas and nuances of the foods we eat, their impact on our local economy, and on our planet.

Whether wandering around the Grove Street Farmer's Market in Jersey City or visiting Long Valley Creamery in Long Valley, NJ for their phenomenal goat cheese ravioli, eating locally and sustainably allows me to connect with the people growing my food and caring for the animals that produce it. Eating and cooking well makes us all better neighbors.

Portrait of Gina Patterson

Gina Patterson

An avid lover of vegetables, I grew up in San Francisco where my family spent Saturday mornings tasting and shopping for produce and other local delicacies at the farmer’s market. As a kid I learned to cook alongside my parents and from taking copious notes from public television cooking shows.

Now I draw inspiration from the wonderful array of local ingredients we have access to in New York City. I believe in cooking simply with high-quality ingredients, and that nourishing friends and family through food is the purest form of love. When I’m not at the greenmarket, you can often find me in my kitchen creating healthful recipes that are delicious, sustaining and even sometimes exotic. I am particularly fascinated with traditional methods of food preparation that impart maximum taste and nutritional benefit, so it’s not uncommon to find a jar of homemade sprouts on my counter, home-fermented pickles and sauerkraut in the fridge, or slow-cooked bone broths in the freezer.

I believe that anyone can learn to cook and that local, sustainable, and caringly-prepared food is the key to community and good health.

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